(And let's nerd out on a rad-as-hell board game.)
The algorithm easily passed a 50-question MBE, but it failed a full NCBE one.
They’re a reminder of just how much commercial surveillance these services run on us.

December 2022

A catalogue of Elon Musk's clumsy handling of content moderation on Twitter.

November 2022

There is something poetic about a privacy professional learning their bar results from a data leak. At 6 PM PST on Nov. 10, 2022, the State Bar of…

October 2022

The question often arrives with a sideways slant of skepticism: Why should I care how my data is used? An especially animated speaker may accompany it…

March 2022

On Jan. 18, 2022, Brian X. Chen of The New York Times asked the question, “What’s All the Hype About the Metaverse?” In the article, Chen used the term…